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How to Deal with TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a disorder which attacks the temporomandibular joints found on either side of a human being’s face. There is a lot that is still to be determined as the cause. The closest the experts have gotten linking it to an incorrect musculature of the jaw. There may be another issue with the joint that causes such symptoms to show up. There is the grinding of teeth to consider. There is so much to learn about it.

You can in the meantime detect its presence through some simpler symptoms. You can tell it is TMJ what you feel pain in the TMJ areas, or pain when you chew or talk, trouble chewing and swelling near the joints. You can also see it through frequent headaches, toothaches, and earaches. You will also feel these symptoms when it is other conditions. The upside is that you only need pain medication to fix them.

Treating TMJ is a tricky affair. Most doctors will try and deal with each symptom they encounter. The most common starting point is usually advising you to get some pain and swelling medication. There is also the hot and cold compress for you to think of.

If there is no relief, a dental practitioner shall step up the medication. You may get some relief in the pressure around the joint area through some muscle relaxers. This will also relieve the lower clenching in the TMJ section. If you are not willing to go for this medicate, you may receive another option. You may get a mouth guard to help with teeth grinding as you sleep. It is easy to control your body’s movements when you are awake. But as you sleep, it becomes harder to do so. Your jaws may start grinding together involuntarily. This is when you shall feel the benefits of having a mouth guard.

If by this point none of these methods has brought you any salvation, you will have to start thinking of surgery. This is what is applicable when it gets to its extreme point. Settling for this option takes a lot of thinking, since the root cause of TMJ is still not clearly known. You only rely on the pain and discomfort to tell you of how much this syndrome has gone into your system. The best thing to do then is to find ways to manage that pain and live as normal a life as possible.

There is ongoing research into the TMJ syndrome and its causes. You can help in this efforts by clearly explaining what it is you are going through. This shall help in knowing how best to approach it and get it fixed. You should also not hesitate till it’s too late.

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